“My Dear Uncle Tony” by 1561

I woke to a faint cry
I went upstairs to wake my brother and he wasn’t to be found

then I went to make a bowl of cereal.
as I was going down stairs the cry got stronger but this time I heard two people crying. one was lower and one was higher pitch then my curiosity
led me to the TV.

I turned off the TV and silence two bowls of cereal
one for me one for my mom. and I carried it to her

she and my brother cuddling and crying. they said,

my Uncle Tony died.

Two bowls of cereal crashed on the floor. I rushed towards her
and cried in her arms

all of the moments
we had just turning into old memories. I would no longer have him

babysit me and we wouldn’t spend any more time together.

“Motherly Love” by 1561

One reason I love my mom is because she allows me to go to the movie theater with my dad and brother, so it’s kind of like a boys’ night out. And we do it every weekend.

I also appreciate having her in the family since she’s the one who has great ideas to save money, like when we had to spend time to make more money so my dad could fix his car. That involved my mom to get a job
I love her like peanut butter and jelly. Or like eggs and bacon and I have a lot to say about both of my parents like thanking them for putting a roof over me and my brother and every morning I get happy when she comes down the stairs thud thud thud and getting ready to tell us what we’re doing like going to Knoebels with the family and swimming and swooshing down the slide and having my mom tell me stories about when they were young and went to Knoebels or Hershey Park.

“A Little Personal” by 1559

Throughout the 13 years.
I’ve spent with my dad.
He’s done things I’m not too happy with. But he’s tried to make up for those bad things.

Let’s start with the negatives first.
My worry is he will start more non-productive
and start acting more on anger and less on resin
like North Korea did when “The Interview”
was about to release
instead of finding it funny, they got really angry about it. And start building a “reputation”
for himself
And he shouts and blames the most likely person (me) for things that go missing
which is complete B.S
cause I’m always training for the up and coming basketball season.
It feels like I’m being bit by the
same snake over and over again
or I’m reliving the same nightmare.
He also didn’t finish high school
which besides being
a disappointment, it’s also embarrassing
and led to a dead-end job.

But he’s also done some good
in his life to try and “balance”
out the negatives.
These moments may be small to you
but they help
but I hold these things near and dear to my heart. Like when he played
a game of basket ball
to thirty-three with me and my sister ( I won of course ) but he has only done this two times over the past 2 years. He also bought me 2 pairs of shoes
a pair of air max’s and LeBron’s
and he might buy a pair of shoes once in a blue moon. a few things are starting to look better
kinda, but right now he’s kinda on a cold streak

But I live by a saying. “The brick walls aren’t there to keep you out,
they’re there to keep the other people out and for you to climb.

“Biggie to Smalls” by 1559

Interviewer: “So to finish off today’s interview, we have a picture of you from fifth grade. As you can see, you look like a completely different person. You really slimmed down. Do you mind telling us how you lost all that weight?”

#1559: “Ah… I remember those days of being sick as can be, or being too lazy or sleepy to go outside. I know I’m dodging the question a tad but in that picture I was 136 pounds and that was 41 pounds overweight (I was 4,11 and the average weight for that height was 95 pounds). All right, now I will answer the question. Hmm… Well to start off I was very strict with how I spent those two summers, I would spend 8 hours a day just playing basketball, football, and soccer, lifting weights, and running every day. Then I would spend the next 4 hours swimming to my heart’s content yet again every day. Next, around 95% of the food I ate was broccoli, apples, bananas, burgers, and eggs with the occasional candy bar cause. It’s okay to have a cheat a few times a month. Now before I continue, I’ll tell you what I was dealing with at the time. I was very sick, and to this day we still don’t know what I had. All I know is that sickness put me on steroids, and not the type that gives you bigger muscles. Obviously for those people who got the wrong idea, it was a medical steroid that gave me a gigantic appetite, talking about the eating-entire-large-pizzas- and-still-being-hungry kind of appetite. And at that time I was also dealing with a chemical imbalance, which was why I was super sleepy all the time. But I still have the chemical imbalance today, but I just drink things like coffee to keep me awake, and if I don’t have the motivation to go outside, I’ll watch Dwayne Wade highlights and try to imitate what he does on the basketball court by my house. In the end I lost a total I lost 24 pounds (I’m a little underweight now for being 5’5”, 112 pounds, average weight is 115 pounds. Oh the irony!).”

“Fun Times” by 1557

My mom is a cool mom
having fun and going places is stuff she likes to do with me and my sister.
She likes to go to the movies or arcade with me and my sister so she can make us happy.

Making me and my sister happy is the thing she likes to do.
If we’re sitting at home with nothing to do she’ll ask me and my sister if we wanna go do something fun such as mini golfing or going to the movies.

My mom enjoys making me and my sister laugh.
My mom would always make a joke or do something funny so me and my sister laugh. One time when we went to the zoo with each other she was saying funny stuff about the animals to make me laugh.

She would always make sure I’m doing the stuff I need to be doing. I respect my mother because I know she loves me and she wants the best for for me.

I believe she does these things because she cares about me and she wants the best for me.

“The Wait” by 1557

She didn’t want to tell the family about it at first. We were all sitting in the living room of my grandma’s house with the TV on. It was a really hot day outside and we were in the house enjoying the air conditioning. We were watching my mother’s favorite TV show General Hospital. My grandmother had chicken potpie cooking in the kitchen.

“I have something I need to tell you all.”
A sense of sadness took over my grandma’s face as she said these words. There was a long pause. ”My doctor found cancer in me,” she said. At first, we were shocked by this. That quickly turned into sadness. The room was full of silence. We asked if there is anything we can do to help or make it better. A few days later my grandma went for surgery. We were all nervous about it. Waiting for the news about the surgery was the longest 24 hours of my life. The next day, my mother got a phone call. It was my pappy. The surgery was successful.

After my grandma gotten back home from the surgery she’s was in pain and it was going to take a long recovery. My mom and I went shopping for her and got her food and drinks and things like that for her because she couldn’t really move or drive anywhere. My brother, sister, mom and me helped clean around the house. We did all the chores and got her stuff like a drink if she was thirsty or some food if she was hungry. If my grandma was going upstairs or down stair I would help her walk because she was in pain.

Me my sister and my mom would take care of the dogs. like take them out and give them food and water and stuff like that. I would spend the night with my grandma a couple days of the week then my sister would and we would just keep on switching. As my grandma started to recover I would help her with things. I would help her get out of bed in the morning, cook dinner and breakfast and I would even make her a sandwich or soup when she got hungry. Anything she needed she asked and I did it for her.

She had to take lots of different medicine. I felt bad for her because the pills she had to take were really big and probably nasty. She started being able to do some things on her own. After a while the recovery was done. She defeated breast cancer.

“The Weekend” by 1555

My mom is one of my favorite people in the world. She always helps me and gives me thinks I need and sometimes things I want.

Sometimes we may not agree of each other but at the end of the day she is my mom and I love her.

I remember going out every Saturday with her to the laundry, the best in the world. And sometimes I got a new video for doing good.

Sometimes I don’t understand something but then I ask her and she helps me to figure it out. When I do something bad, she helps me to think of a way to make it better.

Anytime she asks me to do something I don’t want to do, I do it anyway to help her and later I will get a reward for doing it.

Any day, month or year—either dead or alive—she is still known as my mother and I still love her.

“Hero from Heaven” by 1554

Grandpa, you’re my hero. And will be for infinite.
I have known you since infant stage. You held me and took me in.
You were a navy nurse, twenty years straight.
You helped the wounded and sick on the battlefield.
You were afraid, but didn’t show it, you were a leader.
You’re like a hero from heaven.
I can make fun of you all I want, and you just don’t care.
You just laugh it all off, ha ha!
You always say you’re going to cut back on food, but you never do.
You love it too much.
I call you the “fat man”
but when reality swipes over, your real name is Ira.
But I call you Grandpa.
Grandpa my hero.

“Dear Mom” by 1554

Dear Mommy…
Thirteen, turning fourteen, you’re still in prison.
You promised when you get out, you’re going to be a mother.

But you get out and make my life worse, you take it away. You will never be a mother. All you care about is yourself.

Three years old, drop! bang! The sounds of slamming doors and things flying.
Mommy just abandoned her with her parents in a monster, unknown, house.

The fat man takes her little wrist and starts showing her around; an attic, a basement, a small kitchen, a small living room, five rooms.
It’s like they turned a maze into a house. It is isolation. Four years later, seven years old, the lady in the wheelchair, she learned to call grandma, informs her, that her own mother was arrested for driving drunk with another man.

She was confused, what?
Mommy do you remember me? Why did you leave daddy? We were a perfect family.
I believe the words in my head saying you hate me.
Can you make me think those words are false? The words are like a shooting gun.
You just lie straight to my face. “Oh I love you”, “Oh, I’m going to protect you.” Lies! Lies! Lies!
When are you going to stop lying? Everything you say is heart-breaking.

Just go away, no wait come back! Wait, stay away. Mommy you’re confusing me.
Mommy who are you?
Do you even know?

“Step” by 1551

Where did you go when I needed you, daddy?
I thought you were here to stay.
By age ten you left, when I got
home from school, sunny and warm the day you left on my birthday. You ran after me screaming my name. You threatened me. You disrespected my mother.
You cheated.
You’re a liar.
You left me with the voice of it’s not worth it. You
left me alone and scared in the darkness.
Don’t you dare tell me you’re
something that my step dad will never be.
He loves me even when you were
never there for me.

So how can you tell me how to live my life, when you
were never really there. Where were you when I needed you the most? You have me bleeding for your love.
Got me so off track I can’t love myself
knowing you don’t love me.

My step dad is more than a parent then you will
ever be. He’s the definition of parent, you’re just someone that wants to see his kids bleed. You’re just a player. You left me all alone.
I remember the slam of the door. I remember the screaming and fighting. The memory buried deep
like the blade in my skin. The memories are still deep within my head
I wish more than anything to forget.

So daddy where were you when I was crying too?
Up above, where were you when I needed a little love? I believe you were
never really there for me. So how can I call you DAD…