“Momma” by 1588

I will always remember,
that night in the living room
on an unexpected night close to the spring time that my mom was there for me
during my parents’ divorce.

My mom was so caring about the situation she told me everything was going to be alright I was as calm as the grass on a beautiful day My heart went from ba-bang to a small thud.

She was there for me and felt my pain when no one
else did. I honestly think that she felt guilt about me being sad, because she had a look on her face that told me she was sorry this had happened.

She was loving because she catered to all my needs, she cooked, and gave me and my siblings new clothes. She attended and took us to where we needed to go. That’s why I wrote about my mom, the sweetest person in the world.

“My Hero” by 1586

In my eyes she is like the number one mama. She gave me life
Without her I wouldn’t be alive
writing this poem.

She fed me, she taught me how to walk and how to talk. All the stuff that she left behind
to get my sister and I in better place.
We have a lot of memories

In my home country of Egypt
She had to leave our and her family she left her parents, uncles,
aunts, cousins, friends,
and all our other family members. we all left the memories.

Back there we used to go to the beach two times at least each summer
Sitting there on the beach
Swimming, hear the sound of the waves going wooosh, wooosh, wooosh,

then suhh, suhh, suhh
When they hit the beach
With her
She teaching me how to swim with my dad having fun.

I would say that mom is like a mountain
She holds it strong even though she sometimes crumbles Even though me and mom fight a lot
We know that it all ends good
Because she was just trying to protect me
She is caring and then we just have fun from that point on.

Like at times when I am sitting on my bed in my room
She comes in and maybe I am playing or watching something. Let’s just say she doesn’t like it that much, she says
Asking me to clean my room, do the vacuum, and all that stuff so when I don’t do it right away, that’s when she gets mad, really mad.

I believe that my mom is loving person who is fun, really hard working,
and even if we fight a couple of times, we manage to be alright.

“The Letter” by 1586

I got a letter in the mail
A small, white, clean envelope
But the letter inside had the ability to tell my future

When I opened it, I felt so sad.
Feeling like giving up.
It disappointed me and my family.
My family had to suffer for my actions, had to change their day
feeling bad that I could have done more,
Worked harder, if I would have put my mind to it

I could not do what I wanted to do
For not doing what I have to do
I was so mad and furious that this happened
I tried to work hard for it
but apparently,
it wasn’t enough

I am in summer school.
It is disappointing that I have to do this
Why I failed is that I did not put a 100% in what I wanted to do
and another was that my teacher didn’t always help me For example, if I missed a day my teachers would say, “Figure it out,”
How am I supposed to figure out if I was not there?

But even though I don’t like coming here
I realize I messed up and they are giving me another chance
to do what I have to do and I should be thankful
and I also want to thank the teachers here
They come every day sacrificing their summer time to help us

But I know I can accomplish this with all the help and everything.
And, it is not just school. If you want to do something, just do it.

I know you know you can do it. I know you can do it.

“Life of My Mom and Me” by 1584

My mother went on the run when I was six
stressed with a lot going on,
they found her 2 1⁄2 years later in Oakland, California yes, I’m happy, but it’s still a lot going on

Of course Mumsie is a great person, but some ups and downs occurred then a blessing came along
with the likelihood of a wonderful provider

The world is full of luck people seem to get it often but blessings just fly with the puck but when people are not careful they get put in the coffin

“I believe about my mother is, she is a great women, friend, mom, and person.”
We have overcome many obstacles in Harrisburg, PA
when I found out that she was missing
I was at my father’s house in Susquehanna township

Now today I look back on the day when I saved my mother’s life we were going to my grandma’s church in Marietta, PA
She started to feel a little nauseated so she drove home
She fainted as soon as we walked into our apartment, Boom! Like a demolition building.
So I called 911 without knowing my address until that day
they came right away and saved her, it was scary but it was worth it

I seem to prefer my mother’s emotions as the weather
If I do well then she blossoms like the sun on a light breezy day. But then if I do wrong, or the unexpected,
Then, she’ll pour down raining as the tears, and a blizzard when furious

But at the end of the day she’s my mother
I’m going to love her regardless.
Yeah we’ve had our ups and downs, what family doesn’t? But family is always going to have each other.

“Content” by 1584

It was a day at the Boys and Girls Club in Louisiana. That was a slow, dark day because one of the staff was leaving. He was everyone’s favorite, even the staff’s favorite; but he left and never told us where he went. Everyone was upset. Then, I came home my dog ran away. His name was Wicket. We never found him.

“We’re going for a ride,” said my mom. Then we stopped at a McDonald’s because we had to scrape graffiti off my mom’s car. We got on the highway, and the next thing I know we stop at a gas station for bathroom breaks and snacks. I got three Air Heads in different colors. Then we drove for hours and hours. We finally arrived to Harrisburg. She dropped me off at a house, and my aunt was inside. I heard some arguing outside; then my mom pulled off. I could see her crying before she left, I didn’t know I wasn’t going to see my mom again.

“Dad and Me” by 1582

I was six years old
sitting on the couch with my sister
there was a knock knock at the door.
My mom answered it
while we were watching television
two men were at the door.
Them and my mom went into the kitchen.
Mom was crying the guys came out the kitchen
the men came to me and my sister
they said, “Your dad went to work for a little bit.”
I was confused because stuff like that never happened. My dad never came back.
When I got older I started to figured out what happened to him. I was like wow and went to see him in jail.

“Hard Time” by 1582

This is the biggest tragedy of my life. My mom was having a baby, but dad left because he went to jail and the baby wasn’t born yet. So my uncle came and got me for school when I was in kindergarten I didn’t know why he never comes and gets me he said, “Your mom is in the hospital; she is having a baby.”

I went to the hospital and a lot of people were there like my sister, aunts, nannies, uncle, and friends. Then all of a sudden the doctor came out and said, “The baby is coming”. After all of that the baby was born. Then that’s when the hard part started.

When we got the baby home we realized there are three kids and one mom. How was mom going to take care of all of us by herself? She could barely do anything. She had to start working three jobs. It was hard because she was tired.

My family started helping out as much as they could. That’s when my sister and I started to notice that my mom needed help around the house; so we started helping her with a lot of stuff. My sister and I were really busy all the time. I was too busy like cleaning, school all day, baseball practice, and I helped watch the baby.

We did it for seven years. The seventh year my dad came home it was hard because we had to get used to him home again. So he was home for a while it was just never the same.

“Gone for Long” by 1581

Mom, you were always there,
Or at least you wanted to be,
While dad was out living young and wild and free.
He left you and you left him, never to see one another again.
You were always at work,
Trying to make it better for your kids,
When things got bad your good side hid.
You have a loving family who stayed with you, through good and bad.
You tried even when you could have lost all you had.
Your three bedroom house with a garage on a crowded street,
Lined with oak trees, houses and neighbors for a never quiet time.
That was when everything got worse.
You stayed up all night being loud.
Dad was like a cricket, you were like a siren.
When you were angry, it felt like the floor was shivering. Sounds like the sun exploded. When you calmed down I went for the stairs.
Slowly descending down and down again.
I turned the corner of the dark stairwell.
I saw only you through the messed up house.
Passed out on the couch.
I crept back up the stairs and tried to forget.
But I’ll never see you the same again.

“Hard Working Mom” by 1579

You worked hard for your kids
when we were back on the clean dirt floor and dirty place we called home back in Nepal.

Now you work harder than before
to keep us happy and safe.
For only your kids and family. Now you pay all the bills for the house.

I will always love you
till the day I die. You had some troubles in life
You had to walk far away to the city and it took you hours to get to work and had to work all day long.
But you took care of us no matter what happened.

But the important part is you kept us happy.
You kept us safe no matter what you had to do.
In our town, we were the last house in a village to leave. Hahzurama said she didn’t want to go so we had to make a decision. But BAM. You knew.

Maybe the idea to come to the United States was worth it after all.

“Broken Than Healed” by 1578

Tuesday night my dad just got home from work
he sat down at the dinner table
he asks “how was everyone’s day?”
my brother answered “good until you showed up.”

My dad stomped to the living room with his food “Thud, Thud, Thud” my dad must have felt like garbage
I felt terrible about what just happened
I sat down next to my dad as we watched TV

I fell asleep at 7:00pm and then at 8:30 I heard yelling
I went to the kitchen to find out what was going on
I asked what was going on and my dad said nothing
my mom brought me to my room and I sat down in bed and went to sleep

In the morning I woke up 6:00 so I went downstairs to watch TV
then I saw my dad I asked where he was going
he said that he was going to work
I asked why he had bags in his hand and he broke the news that he was leaving

I still thought he was going to work
my dad gave me a hug and a kiss then left
the next day I didn’t see him or the next day
but after a week I asked my mom where was dad and she answered with…

he is never coming back…
all I remember that day is the door loudly slam shut when my dad left
but now I’m better with a step dad and a step bro
and I am not upset anymore because my dad has a better life and has respect Ich Liebe Dich Vati <–German (I Love You, Dad).